Welcome to White River Home Inspection Services of Branson Missouri


House Inspections


 Our House Inspections are a limited visual inspection from the Top to the Bottom. Roof, Exterior, Foundation, Decks, Water Surface Management, Attics, Interior Doors, Walls, Ceiling, Kitchen Appliances, HVAC, Electrical, Water Heaters,  Plumbing, Basements / Crawlspaces. We can also inspect garages, shops, and other detatched buildings. Ask about adding a Termite Inspection.  

Condo Inspections


 Our Condo Inspections are a limited visual inspection of the interior of your home. Ceilings, Walls, Doors, Floors, HVAC, Electrical, Water Heaters,  Plumbing, and Appliances. Let us know if you have a garage to add, we will do that for you as well. 

Seller's Pre-Listing Inspections


A Pre-Listing Inspection is a limited visual inspection that helps speed up the process of selling your home by having the inspection up front. It includes a full home inspection, which you are able to provide to potential buyers, that shows the current condition of the structure as well as any repairs you have already made. It gives you peace of mind and an opportunity to repair any defects found before listing. 

Investor Inspections


Our Investor Inspections are for those only concerned with the main systems. Roof, Foundation, HVAC, Electrical, Water Heater, Plumbing, etc... Give us a call and ask about the Investor Inspections.

Commercial Inspections


Our Commercial Inspections are a limited visual inspection of, but not limited to, the main systems of the building. Roof, Foundation, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical. We design our inspections to fit the concerns and needs of each client. Call today for details 

Termite Inspections


 Our Inspectors are Licensed Termite Inspectors through the State of Missouri. We can inspect your home for many Wood Destroying Organisms. Ask about adding this to your Home Inspection.  

Maintenance Inspection


Our Maintenance Inspections are for home owners that want to know of any issues they may have with their current real estate investment. Finding issues early can save you money down the road. Give us a call to ask about having your home inspected.

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