Welcome to White River Home Inspection Services of Branson Missouri

What to Expect

Before the Inspection

After scheduling your inspection, you will receive an email confirmation with the date and time scheduled, a pre-inspection agreement to electronically sign, and an online payment option link. You are encouraged to email us with any questions you may have or concerns with anything you saw on the walk through with your agent. We will take care of the rest. 

Attending Inspections

Our Clients are always encouraged to attend the inspections. This way we can go over any concerns you may have and answer any questions while on site.

During the Inspection

We perform a limited visual inspection of the structure. Starting with the roof and working our way to the foundation. A copy of the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors  can be found at https://www.nachi.org/sop.htm. This will help explain what we do and don't do during inspections and we encourage our clients to look it over to help with any concerns you may have.

Snap Shot of the Structure

A Home Inspection is a "snap shot" of the residence during the time the inspector is there. We only report on obesrvations made at the time of the inspection and not a prediction of future conditions. Any changes after the inspection is not covered. Our thorough  reports are detailed and contain multiple photos, making the report easy to understand. We always encourage you to ask questions and tell us your concerns. 

After the Inspection

After the inspection is complete, we will answer any questions you may have. The inspector then begins the report process. Each report is typically sent to you within 24 hours. You will receive a second email that contains a payment option link, a link to view and/or download the report(s), and a link for the invoice/receipt. If you give us the ok, we will also send your realtor a copy of the reports.


We are always looking for ways to better your experience by improving our services. We appreciate getting feedback from our clients. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.